I met up with the SCBWI Illustrators yesterday and had great time at Brookside Gardens sketching on-site. We had a small group but attracted a lot of attention from other garden goers! Sometimes I forget how much I enjoy getting out of my studio and drawing in the real world AND experimenting with new media (colored pencils and brush pens today).Brookside Gardens brookside_photo

I’m so excited to announce the release of Friends in Fur Coats

Written by Claire Buchwald and Sarah Buchlaw
Illustrated by yours truly! (Rebecca Evans)
Published by The Gryphon Press

In this beautifully illustrated picture book, Noah finds out from his animal friends why fur belongs on animals, not people. Sitting on his bed with his cat Mango and his furry toy animals, Noah asks, “Why do you get to have fur coats, but I don’t?” In his dream that night, Noah’s animals offer a variety of answers. He learns how vital each animal’s coat is to its survival and happiness.

Friends in Fur Coats


Available now on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Books-a-million

Who knows what may be lurking in the library shadows…

Rebecca Evans Library Monster

Just working on some black and white images for my middle grade portfolio today!

boy and girl hiding

Adoption and anger

Little red riding hood


I almost jumped out of my seat and screamed in a crowded restaurant last night when I heard that my book Someday I’ll Fly won the 2015 TAZ Author Award! I’m grateful and humbled that I was chosen and want to thank everyone who had a part in the creation of the book, especially my publishers Red Engine Press (Joyce and Pat) for giving me this amazing opportunity and my mentor EB Lewis for helping me make the illustrations the best they could be.



Wow! I’m excited to announce that my book “Someday I’ll Fly” is a finalist for the author zone TAZ book award!

We will hear the results October 22nd. Wish me luck everyone!

Book Release “The Good Things”

October 19th, 2015 | Posted by Rebecca Evans in Books | News - (0 Comments)

I’m excited to announce the release of my newest illustrated book “The Good Things” Written by Jennifer Green Quimby. Available on Amazon, this is a book about the loss of a loved one and learning to find the good things in life again.

The Good Things

Rebecca Evans Illustration


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